Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Certified Tuning Fork Training Program 


All classes are online and are for personal & professional use

 Each class or level has its own student training manual

Required classes:

*Beginning Basics Levels 1-3

*Vibrational Body Work Levels 1 -3

*Brain Health Levels 1& 2

*Practitioner Levels 1& 2

*Your choice of two other class titles  (Ancient Solfeggio Tuning Fork Training 2 levels, The Sound of OM- 2 levels  or The Fibonacci-Sacred Geometry Tuning Fork Training Class - two levels (all levels are one day classes)

*3 Case Studies documented and Reviewed by the Instructor


Each level is an online day class 

Cost: $175 (includes post class tutoring)

Professional Quality Tuning Forks used in each of the classes are 

available for sale.

Inquiries and  questions:  Contact Rowena McKee at [email protected]