Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program

This tuning fork therapy training program covers the  following:

Seven Levels

**How to balance all the body systems, (Chakras System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Organ System, Meridian System, Circulation & Respiratory Systems, Lymphatic System, and basics on the Muscular & Skeletal Systems, and the Subtle Energy System) This Information will be given throughout the program. (level 1 chakra balancing, level 2 organ and endocrine balancing, level 3 lymphatic drainage and balancing, level four meridian balancing, Level 5 circulation & respiratory systems, level 6 the brain as a system.)

**Tuning Fork Basics - basic tuning fork techniques - Chakra balancing - principles of sound as a healing modality - Understand the 8 piece Solar Harmonic Spectrum set and it basic uses, weighted Om 136.1 and weighted Otto 128 for basic vibrational body work - presented in level 1

**The Five Elements – all energy is divided up into five expressions of energy. When we know what element-energy is out of balance, we can balance it and bring the body, mind, and emotions into an aligned and balanced state. When using the Five Element protocols we can add these to other aspects of tuning fork therapy and create deeper healing. This information will be given in level 2.

**Various Protocols and Techniques, for health and healing by conditions of illness – this information will be given throughout the different levels. In level 3 you will be given a 15 page Tuning Fork Protocol for healing “By Condition” this brings together all that has been taught for health and wellness in the first two levels.

**Crystals & Tuning Forks – how do we amplify healing with crystals? You will learn how to use crystals in level 4 as it relates to the use of tuning forks. We will also learn how to use different crystals to assist in balancing the organs and endocrine glands.

**Science of Sound – what makes tuning fork frequencies so amazing for the body. What is the physics and science behind how they facilitate healing in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit? This information will be given throughout the entire program, all levels.

**Specific tuning fork sets – you will be given comprehensive understand on how to use specific tuning fork sets that are available on the market, how to integrate them for personal use and your professional practice and how to use them in combination with other tuning forks and tuning fork sets.


**Vibrational Body/Vibrational Massage Work – You will be given a basic understanding on how to conduct vibrational body and massage work on injuries, tissue, bone. These will be weighted tuning forks that release inflammation, pain, tension, knots, fascia issues, bone, work on nerves and the spine and neck. This information will be given level 1-3 and level 6.

**Fibonacci & Sacred Geometry – You will be given an understanding of how to use the Fibonacci Tuners and how they relate to the Solar Harmonic Spectrum Set and Sacred Geometry. You will learn how they assist physically and spiritually. This information will be given in Level 5.

**The Sound of the Om – we will explore the sound of the Om and its benefits as we use the Om tuning forks. They are amazing for bringing connection in the physically body, spiritually and deep relaxation plus a lot more. We will start learning about the Om tuners starting in level 1, again in level 3 and bringing the Oms together as a set, in level 4.

**The Brain as a system – we will learn how to balance the brainwaves (binaural beats) and different components of the brain. This information will start being brought forward in level 2 and the brainwave tuners and other brain information will be culminating in level 6.

**Practitioner Training – throughout the program we will learn how to use tuning fork on ourselves, but in conjunction with that we will be learning how to be a practitioner, whether for family and friends, as an add-on to an already existing Practice or to start a Sound Healing Therapy Practice. This will be addressed throughout the program culminating in level 7 where you will learn additional Practitioner skills, putting together entire sessions and protocols on your own. You will learn to tune into your body and other people's body to use the body as a biofeedback machine and to heighten your intuitive skills. Included will be how to start your own business. All the information from level 1 through 6 will be brought together in a comprehensive and cohesive way, bringing further integration.

In this course there is an emphasis on healing conditions and issues in the body. We will also cover some of the emotional and spiritual aspects tuning forks can assist us with, and how to conduct different types of sessions with confidence, and working with physical and, subtle energy. At the end of the training you will be a competent sound healing practitioner. There will be 3 case studies that will need to be done on three different people. Each person will receive four sessions. All tuning fork work must be documented, and the progress must be notated as you move through each session. More specific information and details will be given in level 7

Once Rowena McKee has reviewed the case studies and it has been done competently, a certificate will be issued.

** NOTE: Signing up for level one does not obligate you to do the entire program (seven levels) Each student will determine how far they wish to go in the program based on their individual goals and intentions. 

For any questions  please contact Rowena McKee at [email protected]