*R​owena- thank you, thank you for such a powerful session. Your space is relaxing/comfortable, the messages you convey are sound & I am so grateful for the huge shift you assisted me with in just an hour. Looking forward to another healing session with you!

S.R.  Portland OR

*Our sessions have helped change my life dramatically. I feel like a completely different person than before we started. I can not describe the lightness of being I have found. Thank you! D.M. Vancouver, WA

*I highly recommend the teachings within Rowena McKee’s House of Sacred Sound. From here I have learned the art of balance. I have had several spontaneous healings since beginning my tuning fork certification in 2018. As well as two thwarted cancer scares and a knee surgery. I now see the power of my thoughts to build my world under my instruction. I no longer rely on others to help me because I know for a fact I possess that ability within my fork practice. I’ve learned life is a pendulum, lows and highs, lights and darks. If I just wait all flows back to harmony and resonates there naturally. I have all the power over my own circumstances. For this, I will always be grateful to Rowena McKee and will forever continue these studies.

Denise B.  Vancouver, WA

*I've had a long journey back from chemo, radiation and stroke rehab. I cannot begin to say how wonderful, and positive my healing has been with the assistance of Rowena McKee and her therapies.

Charlotte N., Portland, OR

*Releasing emotions that no longer serve my well-being has greatly improved my health this year! Thank you Rowena McKee for your intuitive sound-assisted healing!

J.W. Portland, OR