Rowena's Story

Rowena Grew up on a farm in Western Oregon. She has always had a special relationship with nature and animals and has spent much time hiking and backpacking in Oregon, Washington, Nevada & California. From an early age music was an integral part of  her life. As a child she started training as a pianist and her first career, of many years, was as a Piano Instructor. She then decided to change careers and move into alternative health. Her formal training began as a Reiki Master and then she trained as a Holistic Health Practitioner, moved into training in Energy Psychology and Meridian Psychotherapy. Soon after she added Sound Healing Therapy using Tuning Forks & Singing Bowls. Her training at Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness prepared the way for becoming a instructor of sound healing. Four years ago she had people approaching her and asking if she would start Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training classes. She has been instructing and creating content-rich curriculum ever since, with successful results for her students. This past ten years has been an amazing and beautiful journey. She look forward to continuing to expand personally, spiritually and in the healing work I bring to the world.