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Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program

Tuition: $265 per every 12 hour level (this does not include the tuning forks that are used in each level)

 for more information contact Rowena McKee  - [email protected] or call/text 503-758-9922

In this seven-leveled program those who continue through the entire program will accrue up to 84 hours of training time. Each level consists of 12 hours of training. Each individual decides how far they wish to go in their training. Level 1 & 2 is the beginning phase - Level 3 & 4 is the Intermediate phase and Level 5 & 6 is Advanced training - Level 7 is the Practitioner Training class for those who will be using Tuning Fork Therapy professionally.


In this program you will gain In-depth use of Multiple sets of Tuning Forks for balancing all the body systems, (Chakra System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Organ System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Meridian System) and releasing/eliminating pain, knots, tension, and balancing the emotions. You will be instructed in the use of weighted and unweighted tuning forks and how specific frequencies are used for certain conditions. You will learn how to treat various conditions in the body as well as learning to use tuning forks for Spiritual well-being. You will gain knowledge in the Science of Sound, Power of Sound and It's various healing attributes and much more.....

Fall Online Class Level 1: Harmonic Sounds for Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program 

Date: Level one class - September 19 & 20 (On-line Class) 10:30 to 4:30 Pm both days

Cost: $265  - 12 hours of training (this price does not include the tuning forks used in class)

The cost of the tuning forks is $198

Payment Instructions: You must pre-pay to be part of this class -Only those who pre-pay in advance, and not later than Thursday, August 17th, will receive the class link that gets you into the class and the student level 1 class manual.

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for more information contact Rowena McKee @ [email protected]

Coursework Level 1 Content:

*Learn the basics of how to use tuning forks for yourself and for others, and the difference between weighted and unweighted forks.

* Learn to work with two weighted tuning forks that deliver vibrations deep into bone and tissue creating pain relief, relaxation, the release of knots, muscle spasms and more....

* How to personally use Healing Sound to further physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

*Learn protocols and techniques with the basic tuning fork set for reducing anxiety, calming emotions, grief, digestive issues, better quality of sleep, reduce pain, nervous system balancing, grounding, centering, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being

*Learn how to balance your Chakra energy centers to assist emotional & physical health.

*The power of sound and its ability to heal and facilitate higher states of being.

*Introduction to the science of sound & vibration, fundamental principles and physics of sound healing.

and more.......

*There will be easy to understand course manual sent 

*Tuning Forks used in Level 1 - Solar Harmonic Spectrum 8 piece set and Weighted Otto 128 Hz & Mid-Om 136,1 Hz

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Therapy Training, Level 1 - coming in October, (date to be announced) online class - $130 - 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Harmonic Sounds for Healing -Tuning Fork Training Certification Mentoring Program (mentoring can be done in person or virtually)

In this mentoring program you will receive one-on-one training, tailor made to individual learning and needs of each student. This mentoring program follows the same content as the above 6 level tuning fork training program. As you learn you will gain mastery in each specific area. In this Mentoring Program you will learn the basics of sound therapy and then have the opportunity to continue your learning from there. Mentoring is done in minimum blocks of 2 hours. Each 2 hour block is $120. Professional quality tuning forks used in the program are available for purchase at a discount for all students. Contact Rowena McKee - [email protected]

or call 503-758-9922.