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Chakra-Planetary Tuning Fork Training Level One

Online Class

Date: Saturday, February 13th

Time: 10:30-4:30 (Pacific Time)

Class Cost: $155

Basic 7 Chakra Set - $115

Expanded 9 Chakra Set - $175

Payment: Paypal @

Class Details

Learning about the Chakras (Energy Centers) has become quite common. In this online class you will learn how to use tuning forks to balance your chakras with the Chakra Tuning Fork set. You will be given techniques and tools to keep your chakra energy centers balanced and functioning at optimal levels. Using the appropriate tuning forks is an easy way to assist with keeping healthy emotionally, and physically.

In this class you will learn how the inner planets align with the Chakras and how they are part of our own inner universe which reflects the greater universe and its energies. The frequencies used in this set are the scientific frequencies of the actual planets. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and several Earth Frequencies resonate with our own personal Chakras, connecting us to the Cosmic energies for health and wellbeing.

NOTE: If you do not wish to purchase the tuning fork set at this time and would like to take the course, you may join in anyway.

Payment Details:

Payment deadline, Thursday, February 11th.

Make Payment to: ~ (please supply your email address when making payment)

If you wish to purchase the Chakra Tuning Forks please contact [email protected] for details.

Course Content:

*Basic Tuning Fork Use

*Science of Sound and Sound Healing

*Sound Healing w/ Tuning Forks healing & preventative health

*Techniques & Tools

*How to tune your Chakras Centers

*The Science of the Chakra Energy Centers

*Chakras - Insights & Information – Spiritual & Physically

*The Inner Planets & Astrology and using the Chakra Tuners as they relate to your Natal Chart

*The attributes of each planet and its association to each Chakra

*Combining different frequencies to assist healing of specific conditions within the body

*All class participants will receive a course training manual

Purchasing Tuning Forks:

If you would like to purchase the basic or expanded Chakra Tuning Fork Set, please contact Rowena McKee - [email protected] (Tuning Forks are only shipped within the USA)

Local to the Portland OR. area: if you are in the local area of Portland Or. you may pick your set tuning fork up in SE Portland.

Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program

Tuning Fork Basics Level One Class - Online 


Date: April 17 & 18

Time: 10:30-4:30 each day (Pacific Time)

Class Cost: $310

Tuition + Class Tuning Fork $520

Payment: Paypal @

Payment Instructions: You must pre-pay by April 14. The Student Manual Level 1 will be sent out 24 to 48 hours before the day of class. Class link is sent via email the morning of the class. The online platform used is Google Meet. If you wish to purchase the class tuning forks please contact [email protected] for details.

for more information or to purchase the class forks ($205) please contact Rowena McKee @ [email protected] or call/text 503-758-9922

Tuning Forks are only shipped within the USA - If you are in the local area of Portland Oregon. you may pick your set tuning fork up in SE Portland.

Coursework Level 1 Content:

*Learn the basics of how to use tuning forks for yourself and for others, and the difference between weighted and unweighted forks.

* Learn to work with two weighted tuning forks that deliver vibrations deep into bone and tissue creating pain relief, relaxation, the release of knots, muscle spasms and more....

* How to personally use Healing Sound to further physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

*Learn protocols and techniques with the basic tuning fork set for reducing anxiety, calming emotions, grief, digestive issues, better quality of sleep, reduce pain, nervous system balancing, grounding, centering, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being

*Learn how to balance your Chakra energy centers to assist emotional & physical health.

*The power of sound and its ability to heal and facilitate higher states of being.

*Introduction to the science of sound & vibration, fundamental principles and physics of sound healing and how sound facilitates healing and why does it works so well on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

*There will be easy to understand student training manual  

*Tuning Forks used in Level 1 - Solar Harmonic Spectrum 8 piece set and Weighted Otto 128 Hz & Mid-Om 136,1 Hz