Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Certified Tuning Fork Training Program 


All classes are online and are for personal & professional use

 Each class/level has its own student training manual. Each day class is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm  - pacific time

Required classes:

Tuning Fork Basics & Tuning Body Systems Training Levels 1-3

You will learn how to work with the basic Harmonic Spectrum Tuning fork set. This set is very versatile and these frequencies have many abilities to assist the body to heal. Over the course of this module, you will be taught how to balance the following body systems: nervous system, chakra system, endocrine system, organ system, and, meridian system - how to use crystals - crystals are like tuning forks, they vibrate with various healing frequencies - you will learn how to use various crystals with tuning forks, the science of sound, and be given a good understanding of tuning forks, tuning fork techniques and more.

Vibrational Bodywork Tuning Fork Training - Levels 1 -3

In this three leveled class, you will learn how to use weighted tuning forks. The first level will be about using the basic weighted Otto Tuners on tissue and bone. You will be shown how to do different protocols, applications, and techniques for working out tension, knots, and relaxing bone and tissue. In level 2 tuning forks to remove acute and chronic inflammation will be introduced along with the weighted Om tuners. We will look at how to remove inflammation, pain, and trigger points, and how to use these tuners for reflexology and acupressure points. You will be shown how to work on specific conditions presented in the tissue and bone and more.

Brain Health Tuning Fork Training - Levels 1& 2

This two-leveled class is all about brainwaves (binaural beats) and tuning the components of the brain, Schumann resonance, and its association with the brain.  You will gain an understanding of how we can assist our brain with tuning forks as the main focus along with understanding how the brain functions, the nervous system, and how to use tuning forks to help people with different brain conditions.

Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork Training Levels 1 & 2

Learn how the Solfeggio tuning forks works at the cellular level to assist the body, mind, emotions, and spiritual levels. You will learn techniques and applications and what each frequency can do within the body. You will be given protocols and treatments, the history of the Solfeggio frequencies, the science of sound, and how to clear emotions from the cellular level and work with various components of the body for healing.

Chakra Planetary Tuning Fork Training Level 1 & 2

We will work with the 9 pc Chakra set, on how to balance the chakras system. You will learn to work with each fork as it applies to its respective planetary energies, and astrological benefits, and how to combine the various forks to create intervals for assisting with healing within the body. You will also be shown how to tone the chakras with your own voice, and how to use the tuning forks while toning.

Practitioner Level 1 & 2

This class is taken as the last module after having taken all of the above classes. It brings together all of the tuning forks, as sets and individual frequencies and their application as a whole - how to use different frequencies for different conditions, and how to link them together for sessions. You will be given practical business applications as a practitioner and how to create your own business and/or use tuning forks as an add-on to your current business and more.. 

(77 Hours of Training)

*The cost of Tuition per class level is $175

*The total cost of the tuition spread out over the entire program is

$2450 - 

*The average time to complete all of the classes is approximately 12 to 14 months, but it may be extended longer if desired.

*Each Level comes with a rich content filled and detailed training manual

Optional Class Available

The Fibonacci-Sacred Geometry Tuning Fork Training Class - One day class

Learn how to understand the use of tuning forks as they apply to the natural cycles and rhythms of Nature and the Cosmos. You will learn about Sonic and Sacred Geometry as it applies to tuning forks and their use. We will use the Fibonacci Tuners and learn how they assist the body, mind, and spirit. 

 Sound of Om - One day class

In this class, you learn how to use all of the Om tuners. They create deep grounding and connection within an individual. There are several weighted Oms and several unweighted Oms. All of them will be used together for various treatments. You will also learn more about Om - Ohm - Aum


To complete the program all required classes must be taken and

3 Case Studies documented and Reviewed by the Instructor


Each level is an online day class 

The tuition for each day class is $175 (includes post-class support/mentoring as needed)

Professional Quality Tuning Forks used in each of the classes are 

available for sale.

Inquiries and  questions:  Contact Rowena McKee at [email protected]