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Rowena McKee

*Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Nutritionist

*Harmonic Sound Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Specialist & Educator

*Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - Educator

and Emotional Mastery Therapist

Contact: [email protected]

 Call/Text: 503-758-9922 

Portland, OR.

Member of Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Harmonic Sounds for Healing™ Tuning Fork Therapy Training

(Online Class Instruction)


Whole Body Vibrational Systems Tune-Up ~ Vibrational Massage ~ Vibrational Body Work 

Sound healing is an ancient energy healing modality, which has once again been discovered and is making its way into mainstream healing. Much research is and has been done to validate its effectiveness for health and wellness by working with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Sound Healing creates Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Balances Energy Centers, Emotional Re-balancing and Body Systems. Sound Healing, specifically Tuning Forks, will address physical injuries with the ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain. It has been proven that Sound Healing assists the body to heal 50% to 60% faster. Different frequencies from tuning forks create different results ​and are very specific to physical conditions and emotional issues. Since our body is vibration in physical form it will resonate with these natural harmonic healing encoded frequencies delivered via the tuning forks.


Harmonic Sound balances and tune​s the body, helping one to relax and manage emotions and life more effectively. The use of sound as a therapy is accumulative and after 2 or 3 sessions and often even the first session, you will feel a shift within your body that is noticeable. Energy levels will improve along with immune function and emotional well-being and a deep sense of relaxation. 

Rowena McKee is a Harmonic Sound Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Training Instructor. She teaches Tuning Fork Therapy techniques to assist with healing the various body systems -(nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, meridian system, Chakra system, organ system and the brain system).  Harmonic sound brings total relaxation to the body, while releasing muscle tension, pain and knots, injuries from past and recent accidents, stress and other conditions. Sound releases interference that keeps the physical and emotional healing process impeded.  She teaches sound frequencies to assist in reducing and releasing pain, inflammation and to improve a variety of different health issues, conditions, trauma and fear held within the nervous system. She also has created and teaches specific harmonic sound frequency protocols to assists the body's health.   

Rowena is a Sound Healing Tuning Fork Training Educator and Researcher. She teaches regular online classes and has an entire 7 level training program, plus other individual online classes available. She instructs her students in using tuning forks for personal and professional use. Many people are using this knowledge to assist their own health, emotions and spiritual journey. Other students are also using these instructions to add on to their current professional modality or to create a new modality. 

Emotional-Trauma Release Therapy/EFT

Do you wish to be rid of emotional thoughts that keep surfacing and recycling? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a meridian-based energy healing system that assists in release stuck emotions leading to emotional mastery. It combines needle-free acupuncture (or acupressure) with mind-body medicine and is often referred to as acupressure for the emotions. It is gentle, simple and an easy way to release emotional imprints stored in the body's cellular memory, subconscious and nervous system. These emotional imprints and traumas show up as PTSD, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Grief, Sadness, Loss, Physical Pain, Addictive Behaviors and Issues, Trauma, Painful Memories, Relationship Issues, Job and Career Difficulties and more.....

When used skillfully EFT is profound in helping to release uncomfortable feelings and emotional wounds stored in the subconscious memory, which are often triggered through everyday stress and difficult issues that arise. Energy Psychology neutralizes these imprints by vibrating (gently tapping) on various acupressure points.

Once neutralized the body and brain re-calibrate creating new neural pathways which assist in correcting dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. It is also profound for inner child re-patterning, patterns and imprints remaining from childhood abuse or wounds. 

Rowena has a unique ability to assist her Student's/Clients in getting to the core of emotional stress and releasing emotional imprints within the body. She teaches various techniques to assist in gaining emotional mastery and self-empowerment.  With consistency, childhood wounds, relationship issues and more can be neutralized, including emotional attachments, memories and events . This can all be done in a very gentle and non-invasive way as these emotional imprints are neutralized.

Professional Quality Tuning Forks for Sale 

(these tuning fork sets are used in the different tuning fork training online classes)

Solar Harmonic Spectrum Set (8 pc. set)                                                      $139

Chakra Tuning Fork Set (9 pc. set)                                                                  $165

Chakra Tuning Fork Set (7 pc set)                                                                  $120

Fibonacci add-on set (4 pc.)                                                                            $ 75

Fibonacci Complete 8 Pc Set                                                                          $150

Weighted Otto Tuning Fork Set (3 pc. - 32, 64, 128) Long Handled          $115

Weighted Otto 128     (Long Handle)                                                             $ 40

Weighted Otto 64 (Long Handle)                                                                   $ 42

Weighted Otto 32  (Long Handle)                                                                  $ 44

Weighted Om 136.1 (Long Handle)                                                              $ 40

Weighted Om 68.05 (Long Handle)                                                              $ 42

Weighted Om 34 (Long Handle)                                                                    $ 46

Individual Weighted Tuning Forks   (Long Handles)                                   $39-$49

High Om Set (3 pc. 1088.80, 544.40, 272.20)                                               $90

Solfeggio Tuners (9 pc. set)                                                                             $150

Angel & Crystal Tuners (3 pc.)                                                                       $50

Brain Wave Tuners (5 pc. set)                                                                          $105


Contact: Rowena McKee @  [email protected]

503-758-9922 text/call