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Rowena McKee

*Holistic Health Practitioner

*Harmonic Sound Healing & Tuning Fork Therapy Specialist

*Voice Analysis Harmony (VoiceBio System)

*Tuning Fork Therapy Training Instructor

*Emotional Mastery Coach

For a free half-hour consultation, more information or to set an appointment please contact: 

[email protected]


Call/Text: 503-758-9922 

Portland, OR. USA

Member of Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Tuning Your Body, Emotions & Nutritional Intake for Wholeness

Harmonic Sound Healing


Whole Body Vibrational Tune-Up ~ Vibrational Massage

Vibrational Body Work ~ Singing Bowl Sessions

(also addressing Injuries &  specific conditions)

Sound healing is an ancient energy healing modality, which has once again been discovered and is making its way into mainstream healing. Much research is and has been done to validate its effectiveness for health and wellness by working with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Sound Healing creates Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Balances Energy Centers, Emotional Re-balancing and Body Systems. Sound Healing, specifically Tuning Forks, will address physical injuries with the ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain. It has been proven that Sound Healing assists the body to heal 50% to 60% faster. Different frequencies from tuning forks create different results ​and are very specific to physical conditions and emotional issues. Since our body is vibration in physical form it will resonate with these natural harmonic healing encoded frequencies delivered via the tuning forks and Singing Bowls.


Harmonic Sound balances and tune​s the body, helping one to relax and manage emotions and life more effectively. The use of sound as a therapy is accumulative and after 2 or 3 sessions and often even the first session, you will feel a shift within your body that is noticeable. Energy levels will improve along with immune function and emotional well-being and a deep sense of relaxation. 

Rowena McKee is a Sound Healing, Tuning Fork Therapist and Expert in her field. - She works with Sound Healing Tuning Forks and Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls. She uses quantum sound techniques to assist with healing body systems -(nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, meridian system, Chakra system, organ system and the brain system).  Harmonic sound brings total relaxation to the body, while releasing muscle tension and knots, injuries from past and recent accidents, stress and other conditions. Sound releases interference that keeps the physical and emotional healing process impeded.  She uses sound frequencies to assist in reducing and releasing pain, inflammation and to improve a variety of different health issues, conditions, trauma and fear held within the nervous system. She also uses specific harmonic sound protocols, and other energy modalities to release emotional imprints such as fear, anger, and anxiety stored in the body.   

Specific vibrations and frequencies will be directly applied on the body, used over the body and up to the ears to stabilize tissue, bone, and the various body systems, removing discomfort and body dissonance. These vibrations and frequencies will activate and re-initiate the natural healing abilities innate within the body, re-establishing wholeness and balance body, mind and spirit. 

Voice Analysis Harmony

(VoiceBio System)

(In-person Session Only)

Scientifically proven, the Voice Analysis Harmony program takes a print of your voice as your voice is a hologram of your health. Just as your feet, eyes and meridian system show what organs are low in vitality and are not healthy, your voice can do the same and more. Your voice carries all 12 tones within it, representing the body functions. Each tone corresponds to different glands, organs, systems and emotions within the body. The various organs, glands and systems of the human body are electro-magnetic energy and are organized according to a unique DNA template. If there is an interference  that template cannot be accessed properly and vitality is lost creating patterns that allow disease and illness to set in. Each organ has a special job requiring special resources and must be in continual communication with other organs, glands, and body systems. They communicate with each other via frequency signals. If those frequency signals are disrupted there is a loss of energy, health and wellness. VAH assists in re-establishing  the frequency signals for optimal body systems communication.

There are 12 keynote frequencies present in the human body. By taking a voice print with the Voice Analysis Harmony program (VAH) a composite of the 12 tones is taken and analyzed. If certain tones are low or missing, the voice will reflect that and we are shown what is presently going on in the body as an energetic pattern. If a person is in excellent health, the voice print will show that as well. You will be able to see what tones are missing as nutrients and be given simple tools to replace those tones in your body which in turn will break any unhealthy patterns established in your body. All issues, disorders and disease have their own energetic pattern, therefore, when we seek to change that pattern, we can assist in changing the direction the health issue is taking. To set up your one hour session to get you started or to request additional information or a free consultation call/text or email to see how Voice Analysis Harmony may be able to assist you.

Holistic Health & Nutrition

(Virtual Sessions available)

Science tells us that all matter (meaning everything) has a vibratory signature innately its own, including our emotions and all food. Some food vibrates at a level that is healthy and some food vibrates at a level that is toxic and/or unhealthy. We can use the healthy vibration of food for health and wellness.

There is a lot of confusing information out there about health and nutrition, everyone has an idea or an opinion and it is sometimes hard to find a balance and to know what will be most beneficial. Rowena can guide you by decoding health & nutrition, making it accessible to you, while sharing the basic principles of staying healthy,.

Together we can individualize your desired life style and create changes that are manageable and make sense to you. You will learn simple ways to become healthier, and to stay healthy while learning to read and understand your body and what it really wants and needs. Find out information on what foods are best for you, and what may be missing in your diet and what other aspects need to be addressed such as the emotional aspects, in order to stay on a path that becomes a synchronized part of your life.

Energy Psychology & Emotional Mastery

(Virtual Sessions Only)

Do you wish to be rid of emotional thoughts that keep surfacing and recycling? Energy Psychology using Emotional Freedom Techniques (such as Tapping, Sound and re-framing) and is a meridian-based energy healing system that assists in emotional mastery. It combines needle-free acupuncture (or acupressure) with mind-body medicine and is often referred to as acupressure for the emotions. It is gentle, simple and an easy way to release emotional imprints stored in the body's cellular memory, subconscious and nervous system. These emotional imprints and traumas show up as PTSD, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Grief, Sadness, Loss, Physical Pain, Addictive Behaviors and Issues, Trauma, Painful Memories, Relationship Issues, Job and Career Difficulties and more.....

When used skillfully Energy Psychology is profound in helping to release uncomfortable feelings and emotional wounds stored in the subconscious memory, which are often triggered through everyday stress and difficult issues that arise. Energy Psychology neutralizes these imprints by vibrating (gently tapping) on various acupressure points.

Once neutralized the body and brain re-calibrate creating new neural pathways which assist in correcting dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. It is also profound for inner child re-patterning, patterns and imprints remaining from childhood abuse or wounds. Rowena McKee brings to each session her ability to re-frame and expand her client's understanding and compassion for self, expanded perspective, insight into new potentials, increased clarity and the way forward with ease and grace.

Private Sessions  

60 minute session: $80-$120 sliding scale 

90 minute session: $120 - $160 sliding scale

60 minute Singing Bowl Session: $80-$120

Voice Analysis Harmony Scan  $100

[email protected]