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Rowena McKee 


*Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

*Holistic Nutritionist

*Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Specialist, Instructor

and Researcher

*Energy Psychology EFT Practitioner & Personal Growth Coach


Member - Association of Drugless Practitioners


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Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Sessions

( In-Person, Portland, OR & Vancouver WA  area)

Tailored Sessions to Your Needs:

**Whole Body Tuning -  For those who have health concerns and/or would like to have their entire body tuned for better function, support and balance - (balancing the nervous system, organ system, meridian system, endocrine system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and chakra system)

**Emotional Components -  For those who feel overwhelmed with emotional tension and anxiety and/or want a tune up for their emotions (Balancing and repatterning emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, guilt, loss, mental tension, grief, and other emotions.)

**Deep Vibrational Message & Relaxation - For Those who would like a relaxing massage via gentle and soothing vibrations. (Brings deep relaxation to the entire cellular structure - bone and tissue - facilitating energetic reconnection and flow to the body.

**Vibrational Bodywork - This is for those who suffer from inflammation in joints and tissue, specific injuries, and structural issues of the bone and tissue. Tuning fork Sound Therapy will assist in releasing stuck energy, knots, and tension in bone, tissue, muscles, and tendons, therefore improving energy flow, reducing/eliminating pain, and improving the movement and flexibility in affected areas.  Specific Tuning Fork frequencies are used directly on bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissue, to support healing. 

**Brain Health - Brain-Reboot - For those who are foggy brained, memory loss, have had a brain injury or are on the computer and devices a lot. (balancing Brainwaves - Balancing the different components of the brain -  specializing in brain injuries). 


To Book a session contact Rowena McKee at [email protected]

or call/Text 503.758.9922

60 Minute Session:

Sliding Scale: $85-$120

Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Training Therapy Online Classes

(Deep Cellular Relaxation ~ Vibrational Body Work ~ Brain Health ~Chakra Balancing & Health ~ Nervous System Health, Balancing & Maintaining Health in all of the Body Systems ~ Science of Sound) 

Sound healing is an ancient energy healing modality, which has once again been discovered and is making its way into mainstream healing. Much research is has been done to validate its effectiveness for health and wellness and its ability to work with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Tuning Fork Sound Healing Therapy creates Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Balances Energy Centers, Emotional Re-balancing, and Body Systems. Tuning Fork Sound Healing Therapy uses specific tuning forks to address physical injuries with the ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation, and pain. When used skillfully tuning fork frequencies can assist in balancing organs, the hormonal system, the brain and other body systems.

It has been proven that Sound Healing assists the body to heal 50% to 60% faster. Different frequencies from tuning forks create different results ​and are very specific to physical conditions and emotional conditions. Since our body is vibration in physical form sound healing via tuning forks frequencies will resonate with the various areas of the body to facilitate healing. 

Harmonic Sound balances and tunes the body, helping one to relax and manage emotions and life more effectively. The use of sound as a treatment is accumulative and after 2 or 3 sessions and often even the first session, one will feel a shift within your body that is noticeable. Energy levels will improve along with immune function and emotional well-being and a deeper sense of relaxation.

Rowena is a Sound Healing Tuning Fork Training Specialist, Educator, and Researcher. She has been teaching tuning fork training classes for over five years and has been doing tuning fork therapy treatments for her clients for over 10 years.  She instructs her students in using tuning forks for personal and professional use. Many of her students are using their knowledge to assist their own health, emotions, and spiritual journey, while others are using their gained knowledge in a professional setting to assist their clients. Many students are also using their knowledge as an add-on to their current professional modality or to create a new modality.

In these online classes, all students will be learning how to use a variety of tuning fork sets (Harmonic Spectrum, Harmonic, Spectrum Sharp Tuners, Solfeggio Tuners, Om Tuners, Otto Tuners, and other weighted tuners, Fibonacci Tuners, Brain Tuners, Schumann Tuners, and other tuning forks) that are on the market and how to combine different tuning forks and their frequencies for healing along with techniques to assist with healing various body systems (the nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, circulatory and respiratory system, meridian system, chakra system, organ system, brainwaves or binaural beats and brain health and the muscular system).

Students will learn that sound/frequency as energy is the language that holds the universe together and underneath all matter and form is vibration. The science and physics of sound - why sound works, how it works, Sacred Geometry, Fibonacci and the Phi Ratio, Sound in Nature and Universal Principles and Laws, and working with energy fields of the body will be explained.

Students will learn how sound healing with tuning forks brings total relaxation to the body while releasing muscular tension,

pain and knots, injuries from past and recent accidents, stress, and other conditions. How harmonic sound releases interference that keeps the physical and emotional healing process impeded. Reducing and eliminating pain, and inflammation, while improving a variety of different health issues, conditions, trauma, and fear held within the nervous system. 

 Rowena will share many of her own tuning fork protocols that assist in bringing harmony and flow to body, mind, and spirit. Each class comes with a rich content-filled student training manual.

As a classically trained pianist and instructor of many years, Holistic Health Practitioner,  Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Practitioner & Instructor, Nutritionist, Emotional-Trauma Release Therapist, and Personal Growth Coach of many years, Rowena brings a unique view and approach to wholeness that comes through in her classes. She melds spirituality and science together along with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects in an applicable whole approach.

Live Online  Day Class  Tuition $175  - also includes student training manual and post-class tutoring/support.

Video Classes are also available

*Professional Quality  Tuning Forks are available for purchase for the training classes (see below)

*LMT CEU's are offered to those practitioners who need Continuing Education Credits.

* Earn a Certified Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training Certificate or take individual classes as desired.  

*All classes come with post-class support/tutoring as needed - to be the best you can be in this modality, you will always have support.

*NOTE: Class Tuning Forks are not included in the price of the classes


for more information contact : [email protected]