Harmonic Sound Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program, Level 1

Date:  Saturday, April 14 & 21

Tuition:  is $175 

Tuning Fork Package: $185 - 10 Tuning Forks  (you are not required to purchase tuning forks in this intro class, but it is encouraged)

In ancient times sound was seen as being sacred and was a discipline that was taught and revered. It was used for healing the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Once again sound healing is beginning to gain credibility for its healing abilities. When we recognize that everything is vibration, then we can begin to understand that sound is a powerful energy that can be skillfully harnessed with amazing benefits.

Purpose of this class:

This 2 day Intensive - Intro to Sound Healing-level Level One class is for those who wish to know more about sound healing for their personal use - preventative health, stress relief, pain relief, deep relaxation, calming emotions/anxiety, quieting the mind, energy center balancing and meditation, This class is also a comprehensive introduction to sound healing leading to the creation of or adding to and supporting a current healing modality.

Many professionals are beginning to understand how sound therapy can enhance their practices. Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Counselors, Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, EFT Practitioners, Energy Workers, emotional/trauma release work and many other modalities all benefit from sound therapy.

We will meet on Saturday, April 14 & 21 from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day. Bring your own lunch and something to drink.

The 10 Tuning Forks used in this class are available for purchase at a discount - However, you are not required to purchase them in this Intro to sound healing Level 1 class, but it is encouraged.

Pre-registration required: This class will be limited to 8 people, so reserve your spot now with your RSVP and your $30 deposit.

Send your deposit to Rowena McKee at Paypal - email: [email protected]. Rowena provides receipts for those who want to use this class as a business deduction. If you have any questions or wish for additional information contact Rowena McKee at [email protected]

What will you learn at this Level one class?

*You will learn how to facilitate basic Harmonic Sound Healing with the Solar Harmonic Body Tuning Forks. This set is based on the Pythagorean Universal Theory of Sound Frequencies. These frequencies are the codes that speak to the body and are part of the structure of matter, mathematics, and the Universe.

*You will also work with 2 weighted tuning forks that deliver vibrations deep into bone and tissue creating pain relief, relaxation, the release of knots, muscle spasms and more.

* How to personally use Harmonic Sound to further physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

* Basic Ancient History of Sound and how it was used in different cultures

*The Power of Sound and its ability to heal and bring higher states of BEing

*Introduction to the Science of Sound and Vibration

*Harmonic Sound, the Body and applying sound as a healing modality.

*Applying the Five Elements to sound healing and how to assess imbalances through the use of the 5 elements.

*A good working knowledge of the Harmonic Spectrum Tuning fork Set

*You will learn how to use weighted tuning forks directly on the body for getting rid of pain, neutralizing knots, and tension.

*An Introduction to Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

*Introduction to Energy Fields and how they apply to Sound Healing and the greater Unified Field.

*You will learn how to identify what your body needs and how to combine frequencies and protocols for personal use.

and more........

Continuing Education - Harmonic Sound Healing-Tuning Fork Training Program:

This current level 1, Intro to Sound Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy offered is one of six levels available in this program. Each student decides which level they wish to complete, whether it is the beginning levels or all the way through to advanced. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the level completed.

Order of Classes: Beginning Training Level 1-2, Intermediate Training Level 3-4, Advanced training Level 5-6.