Sound Healing Therapy for Health & Wellness:  Harmonic Sound creates Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Balances Energy Centers, Body Systems, Sound Therapy will address Physical Injuries with the ability Reduce/Eliminate Pain.  It has been proven that Sound Therapy helps the body to heal 50% to 75% faster. Body Tuning Forks will primarily be used during each private session. Different frequencies from the tuning forks create different results and are very specific in their use. Since our body is  vibration in physical form it will resonate with these harmonic healing frequencies. Harmonic Sound balances and tunes the body, helping one to relax and manage emotions and life more effectively. The use of sound as a therapy is accumulative and after several sessions you will feel a shift within that is noticeable.


Combining Harmonic Sound Vibrations  & EFT/Tapping 

Sound Vibrations & EFT/Tapping help to release emotions stored in the body memory - PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma and Painful Memories. Sound & EFT are profound in helping to release uncomfortable emotions and that feeling of "being stuck" that creates such disruption in our lives.

Private Sessions


EFT-Tapping & Sound Therapy

Do you have body pain? Are your muscles tense? Are you stressed out? Would you like to have your body filled with energy again? Are you having health issues? A private session with Body Tuning Forks will tune your Nervous System, Endocrine System. Energy Centers (Chakras), Lymphatic System, Digestive System, and Organs. Your emotions will be more balanced and you will feel more like yourself once again.

Do you wish to be rid of emotional disturbances that keep surfacing?  Do you wish to eliminate once and for all your PTSD, trauma from childhood, relationships, job and career difficulties, anxiety and other difficult issues? Through the use of EFT  & Sound Therapy, you will gently and easily release emotional memories from your subconscious and cellular memory. Both of these modalities will work powerfully together to facilitate and create a new life direction. You will also be given life-changing tools and guidance, which will support you on your new journey. 

Cost for Private Sessions:

One Hour Session: $80

45 Minute Session: $60

One Hour - Private Group Sound Healing-Singing Bowl Session: $100

EVENTS, CLASSES & WORKSHOPS (see Event Page for dates and time)

Harmonic Sound Therapy-Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program: 

Beginning thru Advanced Training for Personal & The Professional

You will gain In-depth use of  Multiple sets of Tuning Forks for balancing all the body systems and releasing/eliminating pain, and injuries. You will learn about the Science of Sound, Power of Sound, sound as a means to bringing in Higher States of Being and  It's various healing attributes and more.....

Tuition: $175 for each 6-week level (12 hours of learning per level)

(NOTE: The $175 tuition does not include the tuning forks used in training program) 


2-Day Intensive: Harmonic Sound Therapy-Tuning Fork Therapy Training Program 

Beginning Thru Advanced Training - For Personal Use & The Professional

 This Intensive covers the same content as the above Training Program

Tuition: $175  2-day Intensive (Note: Tuning Forks are an additional cost)

Harmonic Sound Spa: 29 Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls - Didgeridoo, Native Drum/Flute 

In SE Portland, the fourth Saturday evening of each month 7-8:30 pm

Coming Dates: March 24 - April 28th - May 26

Cost: $25  - Purchase your ticket by sending $25 to Paypal to  

Location: House of Sacred Sound - 1740 SE 135th Ave. Portland, OR 97233

Workshops - Emotional Mastery Techniques:  4-week class

Certificate of Completion issued upon completing 2 levels - for personal learning and for the professional

Workshop Contents:

The layers of emotions-feelings and what they mean.

The difference between core feelings and feelings that are symptoms of deeper feelings.

How to read your body's bio-feedback.

How do you communicate with your body?

Breathing techniques for emotional balance

How can you use healing sound frequencies to release emotions?

Using your voice to break up stuck emotional energy.

How to understand the difference between being in your head and your heart.

Where to begin when you have disruptive feelings?

How do you peel back the layers without going into crisis?

How do you get rid of body pain?

How do you release expectations of yourself & others?

How do you let go of attachments to other people and situations?

and more.......

Emotional  Mastery - Group Sessions 

Embrace Your Inner Child - As a group we will let go of trauma, hurts and negative memories from childhood, as it specifically applies to you.  We will use EFT/Tapping and Harmonic Sound to neutralize feelings at their core level. Cost: $25 

Intro To Singing Bowls-Sound Healing Experiential Workshops

Would you like to experience singing bowls up close and personal? Would you enjoy learning how to play them and combine frequencies for optimal effects? 

Workshop Content​:

Singing Bowls & Their Healing Abilities

How to Tone with Singing Bowls

The Sacred Meaning of Sound & Singing Bowls

Sound Vibrations and the Science of Sound

The Power of Sound to Heal the Body, Mind, Emotions and Improve Health and to Sustain Health

How To Get Different Tones from Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls for Meditation & Spiritual Practices

How Sound Neutralizes Emotions Stored in the Body

Where to Buy Quality Sound Healing Bowls at a Decent Price

and more.......


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Rowena McKee​

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Sound Therapy Specialist - Pain Management

Emotional Mastery Coach (Trauma/emotional release work)

Life Coach 

For additional information  or to set an appointment please contact: [email protected]

Member of Association of Drugless Practitioners

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