Integrating Harmonic Sound Vibrations to Release Stress, Create Deep Relaxation, Reduce/Eliminate Pain, Balance Body Systems and Release Emotions Stored in the Body Memory.

Events & Workshops/Classes

 Harmonic Sound Therapy Workshops - 6 different levels of classes beginning through advanced learning:  In-depth use of Tuning Forks for balancing all of the body systems and the emotions.

Singing Bowl Sound Bath - Monthly Harmonic Sound Baths in SE Portland


Private Sessions

Do you have body pain? Are your muscles tense? Would you like to have your body filled with energy again? Are you having health issues? A private session with Body Tuning Forks will tune your Nervous System, Endocrine System. Chakras, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, and Organs. Your emotions will be more balanced and you will feel more like yourself once again.

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Rowena McKee​

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Harmonic Sound Healing Therapy - Pain Management

Emotional Mastery Coach (Trauma/emotional release work) 

503-746-1770 - [email protected]

Member of Association of Drugless Practitioners

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